Alpha/Milton Magazine

Alpha/Milton Magazine is a quarterly print and digital publication which covers the good people, places and things to do in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia, with a focus on zip codes 30004 and 30009 (Avalon, Windward, Crabapple, Milton and downtown Alpharetta areas).

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These two beautiful and vibrant Southern towns truly have it all. Alpharetta and Milton grew up as one until Milton went off on its own in 2006 to become it's own city and government. While continuing to share certain recreational programs and special events, residents and businesses are quick to tell you they're located in one or the other. But everyone keeps close tabs on what's going on either side of the dotted border.

Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia offer a unique blend of excellent schools, incredible job opportunities, great shopping and cultural events and abundant green space, it’s no wonder these are two of the hottest markets in both commercial and residential real estate. Through all of its progress, the city has kept its down-to-earth character. 

Alpha/Milton Magazine on the other hand started as TWO magazines and combined into one. We found we had the sames readers and advertisers so decided we could do better as one. This is a show-off publication for the best of both towns. The bulk of the coverage is focused on downtown Alpharetta, the shopping districts of Avalon and Windward Parkway and the Crabapple area of Milton. 

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