Write your bio - use these templates


Starting your business, re-branding, updating a website, refreshing your Linkedin profile, adding a new hire to the team — there are many reasons to write (or re-write) a bio. These bio templates by Carly Stec at Hubspot Marketing will help you or your team get over writer’s block when it’s time to write or re-write your bios:

3rd Person Bios:

[NAME] is an experienced ____, ____, and ____. Driven by ____, he/she takes pride in providing the best ____ possible. As a [ENTER JOB TITLE HERE], his/her goals include ____, ____, and ____. In addition to his/her primary job functions, [NAME] has been recognized by ____ for his/her extraordinary commitment to ____.

[NAME]'s passion for ____ can be traced back to ____, where he/she spent significant time working on ____ and ____. As a ____, he/she specializes in ____, ____, and ____.

[NAME] began his/her career with [COMPANY], gaining unparalleled experience in the ____ space, while also establishing himself/herself as a respected ____. Currently working as a [JOB TITLE] for [COMPANY], [NAME] is widely known for his/her ____, ____, and ____ expertise. While his/her speaking engagements have taken him/her around the world, [NAME] is proud to call [LOCATION] home.

[Name] has led an impressive career as a ____ and ___ in his/her [Number] years working in the ____ industry. In [Year], he/she was named [Award/Recognition] by [Company] for ____. [Name] has also been featured in several well-known industry publications, including ____, ____, ____, and ____. Serving as the [Job Title] at [Company], [Name] plays a major role in ____, ____, and ____. Through his/her commitment to this role, he/she has helped [Company] improve ____, ____, and ____. Prior to his/her current role at [Company], [Name] worked as a [Previous Role at Current Company], helping our ___ team/division with ____, ____, and ____. Before joining the [Company] team, he/she was [Previous Title] at [Previous Company] from [Start Year]-[End Year].

[Name] oversees ____, ____, and ____ at [Company]. He/she is a trusted ____ who ____ and ____. With more than [Number] years of ____ experience, [Name] has worked on several valuable projects, including ____ and ____. Before joining [Company], [Name] launched his/her career at [Previous Company], where he/she was responsible for ____, ____, and ____. His/her expertise and commitment ____ has allowed him/her to be recognized as a ____. [Name] graduated with a [Degree] from [School] in [Location].

1st Person Bios:

Over the course of my [Number] year career, I’ve worked for companies such as ____, ____, and ____. In [Month + Year], I took on the [Job Title] role at [Company] to help ____ improve ____, ____, and ____. Since joining [Company], the most rewarding part has been ____, followed closely by ____. My approach to ___ is largely inspired by ____, which you’ll find reflected in my ___ and ___. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about ____, reach out on Twitter @YourHandleHere or via email: [Email].

As the [Job Title] at [Company], I am responsible for ____, ____, and ____, while ____. [Company]’s mission is to ____, and I support this by ____, ____, and ____. In [Year], I successfully executed _____, helping my team achieve ____ in just [Number] months. I earned a [Degree] in [Focus Area] at [School] in [Location]. Go [School Mascot] I believe that ____ requires ____ and ____. In my role as a [Job Title] at [Company], I aspire to live up to this notion by ____, ____, and ____. With a background in ____, I am passionate about ____ and ____. My professional values can be summed up as follows: [Value 1]; [Value 2]; [Value 3]. Reach out if you want to talk about ____, ____, ____, or the latest episode of ____: @YourTwitterHandle.

As a [Job Title], I’m responsible for overseeing ____, ____, and ____. I’m particularly involved with ____ and ____, as my primary goal is to ____. I bring over [Number] years of experience to my role, including experience working with ____, ____, and ____. As a result of this background, my approach is very ____ and I bring a high level of ____ to the work. Outside of [Company], I am a self-proclaimed ____ who likes to ____ and ____.

I joined [Company] in [Year] as the [Job Title]. Prior to [Company], I was the [Previous Title] at [Previous Company] and the [Previous Title 2] at [Previous Company 2]. During my tenure at [Previous Company], I helped the company ____, ____, and ____. I am a graduate of [School], where I majored in [Degree]. I currently live in [Location] with _____. When I’m not keeping busy with ____, you can find me _____.

After earning my [Degree] in [Area of Study] from [School], I entered the [Industry] world to explore my passion for ____, ____, and ____. Currently, I work as a [Job Title] for [Company], where I'm focused on ____, ____, and ____.

I’ve spent the last [Number] years learning everything there is to know about the ___ industry -- from ____ to ____. I’m currently applying this knowledge in my role as [Job Title] for [Company], where I’m responsible for ____, ____, and ____.

I am a [Job Title] at [Company] in [Location]. In this role, I ____, ____, and ____. I work with a number of respected ____, including ____, ____, and ____. Prior to [Company], I oversaw ____ at [Previous Company]. With an extensive background in ____, I am an expert on ____ and ____. This work led me to my current role at [Company] where I am responsible for ____, ____, and ____. Some of my current projects include ____ and ____.