What We Are All About


What We're All About...

SIZE MATTERS – Who made the rule that all magazines and newsletters have to be 8.5 x 11?

Why are all of our publications smaller than the average bear? Honestly, at first we just wanted to be different. Secondly, we hoped this would keep our print costs down, so we could keep our advertising costs low for small businesses. But what we’ve found over the years is readers LOVE our odd size (7X9.5); and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

VALUES – first things first, work/life flexibility, family (whatever that means to us), faith, optimism, character (zero tolerance for gossip, arrogance, condescension), humility, compassionately competitive, authenticity

CULTURE – entrepreneurial, collaborative, humble, humor, respectful, authentic, creative, competitive with our best selves

PEOPLE – We are individuals with different ideas, talents, gifts, opinions and quirks; and we celebrate our individuality by encouraging authenticity in our people. We are entrepreneurs at heart, which means each of us treats our work with a “buck-stops-here” mindset. We take responsibility for our successes and mistakes, always strive to improve our products and processes, and are unafraid of change when we discover better ways of doing things. We have lives outside of work, which motivate us to work hard, smart and efficiently.

LIVE LOCALLY – We live, work, shop, eat, play and pray in or very near the communities we serve. We are big supporters of Small Business Saturday, local farmers’ markets, elections, festivals, charities, locally-owned restaurants and boutiques… and we default to buying local whenever possible.

FAITH – We have faith in ourselves, faith in our products, faith in our customers, and faith in God (in whichever way God manifests in us).

HOPE – We have hope for a better future for ourselves, our families, our products and our customers.

CHARITY – We offer a half page ad complimentary in every magazine we publish to a local non-profit organization to promote themselves to the community.  Additionally, we hire charitable folks.

Our favorite local charities we support every year:

Star House Foundation
Child Development Association
Catholic Charities Atlanta
Children’s Charities (Milton-based)
Art of Living Ministries

TECHNOLOGY — Some of our people are better than others about using technology resources to achieve individual goals. But, collaboratively, we strive to continually update our digital publishing platforms in order to provide the absolute best print/digital integration for our advertisers.