Debra Boice,
Freelance Writer

Bio Debra Boice 12/27/2017

BA, Criminology, Florida State University, Tallahassee FL 

Minor in Art

AA, Gulf Park College Gulf Port MS

Writing for Television and Radio; Speech Writing and communication, Oglethorpe

Basic Meteorology, The Weather Channel - Instructor David O. Sankey, l983

Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA

Debra gained much knowledge and experience as technical writer and graphics designer for the aerospace and engineering industries.  Later, she acquired marketing design experience and excellent communication and interviewing skills as mortgage loan originator.

She is self published and published.

Debra has had many interesting adventures including her travels to the Amazon Jungle on gold expedition and a television cameo spot introducing The Weather Channel launch,  “What a wonderful idea”.  Her photographic "identik" memory enhances her creative ability to paint visuals for story telling.

She is a problem solver, cosmic artist, singer, song writer, performer and student of homeopathic solutions and space exploration.

Debra makes her home with her family in Alpharetta, Georgia