Lots of SMILE ROSWELL photo submissions info below. Maybe TMI - but still good stuff:

Whether we like it or not, social media is now part of our everyday lives. Today, more than ever before, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Why? Because rarely do any of us have the attention span or the patience to sit still long enough to actually READ 1,000 words.  Saying what we want to say with a photo is a skill. Do you have skillZ?

Great! Then send us your best Roswell photos!

Communicate (with a photo) what you like most about Roswell - the type of photo one might see and immediately think, "Yup. That's definitely Roswell." If you already know the deal and are in a hurry, you probably just want to submit your photo(s) and go, So, fill out this form and go!  On the other hand, to find out more about what we will do with these photos, scroll down the page. And in case you have photographers' block and are looking for ideas / inspiration, we put those down below, as well. 

Our goal is to collect a zillion photos showcasing Roswell. Even if you think your image is not "worthy" of winning a prize, please do submit it anyways! We want imperfect, candid pics, too. Those may end up being some of our favorites! So, let us be the judges.

Please submit 1 - 5 of your best images representing what you believe makes Roswell, well, Roswell.  No more than five per person, please. 


  • We DO want the obvious: Chattahoochee River, Bulloch Hall, Vickery Creek Falls, The Covered Bridge, Roswell Mill - PLUS:
  • Landscape / Parks, Flowers or a Plant native to our area
  • Buildings - historical homes, those "under construction," as well as completed modern structures
  • Artwork - public art, private galleries, childrens classroom artwork, God’s handiwork
  • Modern things/New Life/ Young adults- architecture, environmental features in new construction, technology (wifi working at Crazy Love or Thousand Hills?) Nightlife, dating, weddings!
  • Performance Art - A full audience, a Concert by the River, Comedy and Improv artists or venues
  • Family/Schools - High school baseball game, Easter Sunday in Front of one of our grand churches
  • Canton Street - this is a category all it’s own. Not sure why I’ve never seen a quality image of Canton Street which does it justice. Will you be the one to get that perfect shot?
  • Shopping - we’re talking local owners, local goods, local produce that kind of stuff. We LOVE Target but that doesn’t say anything special about Roswell, so no pics of kids on the big red concrete balls outside Target stores
  • People - known and unknown
  • Golf. ALTA Tennis? Recreation Program? Scouts? Veterans? Cemeteries? 
  • Diversity - diversity of thought, diversity in our politics, and diversity in race, religion, appearance, clothing, food, relationships, age
  • Babies and puppies - we always love pics of babies and puppies, don’t we? Kids and pets.
  • Anything else that says “Roswell” to you. 

What we will do with these:  

  • We will give photo credit on EACH one, and if applicable we will include your website as a little thank you for your photo donation. When you submit a photo, you don’t give up your rights to the image; but you do give us unlimited use and rights to the image - and we agree to credit you for each use. Don’t submit if that’s a problem, ok?
  • We will put ALL of them online - myroswellmagazine.com/gallery .
  • We will share MOST of them on our social media sites, with credit.
  • We will share the images with our friends at other local organizations whose mission is in line with showing off our city
  • We will print our favorites in the next issue (May/June) of Roswell Magazine.

Although we are sure you will submit your image(s) unconditionally because of your affection for Roswell, we still want to offer a little incentive - a chance to win a prize is your “thank-you”.  A $100 gift card to the photographer of our favorite photo good for dining at one of Roswell’s locally owned restaurants. Winner will be announced May 1st on our Facebook page, as well as in the May/June 2018 issue of Roswell Magazine. 

To Enter - fill out the above form to submit your photo(s).  Deadline April 13, 2018.

We don't speak legalese here; but this is the deal:

When you submit a photo, you don’t give up your rights to the image; but you do give us unlimited use and rights to the image, including the rights to share the image on our website, social media sites, within the printed and digital versions of Roswell Magazine, and with organizations we believe are compatible with our intent- and in exchange, we agree to credit your name for each use - and we may credit your business with the image if we think that's appropriate. 

Unlike most contests, we don't mind if we know you or you've ever freelanced or worked for us. We won't excluded our local friends from entering because that would exclude too many people! Go ahead and submit. But, don't expect to have a leg up in this contest. :-)

Plus, this is more than just a "contest." Our goal is to create a great photo gallery of Roswell; so even if you think yours is not worthy of winning, please do submit it anyways!

If you're a professional photographer - and taking pictures is your livelihood - and you aren't OK with any of the above, please know we understand and please don’t submit any images you wouldn't want generously shared. Seriously, no one appreciates the value of professional, quality photography as much as a print magazine publisher. Rock on. We will continue to pay you for your work/gift/talent when we need it for our magazine content.

Please send us no more than five images. High resolution is preferred; but since this is an amateur contest, smartphone pics OK, too. Please don't send huge files. Name your image with YOUR NAME, so we won't mis-attribute it to anyone else. If you own a local business or photography service you can add {dot} and the name of your business. We always love promoting local businesses. Live, work, shop, eat, play, give, pray locally.

To fill out the form and submit your photos, click here.