Street Map

of Roswell, Georgia 30075, 30076

50,000 Copies 

printed and distributed through the Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau


  • local hotels and businesses
  • state welcome and visitors centers
  • chambers of commerce
  • real estate brokerages
  • area attractions
  • roswell convention & visitors bureau
  • roswell government & city offices

Closing Date: August 11, 2017 (first-come basis)
Advertising spots range from $475 to $1375

Click to view rate card for advertising on the map.



Exclusive Opportunity

Only 14 to 17 Roswell businesses will be able to take advantage of this advertising opportunity. 

Sponsorships run from just 1 cent per piece!

We have made the street map a manageable and modern 22X17 size which works great for visitors navigating our streets for the first time.

Also, we have limited the number of sponsorships and ads available to create a more meaningful marketing medium for the businesses that make this map a reality.  Contact Dalton Pepper for more info.

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